About Me

Robert J. Mang is a photographer and print maker living in Santa Fe, NM, specializing high-quality studio photographs of 2d and 3d works for the fine artist and artisan.  Additionally, he hand-produces fine-art prints using alternative processes, primarily Platinum and Palladium.  He also creates premium black and white prints using carbon-based pigment inks. His photo site is here.

Robert spent 30 years in marketing and strategy development for one of the world’s largest wood products companies.  Photography has always been a deep interest, and after leaving the corporate environment in 2009, he has been able to spend full-time further expanding his photographic expertise.

He also spends a lot of time on his bike. For the last three decades, he has cycled an average of 5,000 miles each year, and has been on tours in over 12 countries, including most of Western Europe, Tibet, Peru, and Japan.

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hey Robert,
    I’m planning a bike trip to Japan. I read that instead of camping you opt to stay indoors. I’m into this approach. On my first trip to Japan (for skiing) I quickly learned the necessity of booking ahead when it comes to accommodation. I have been doing some preliminary planning online but have found it challenging, although many small towns have lodging listed on google maps there is no booking option and besides an address all there is is a phone number. My question is does one with very minimal Japanese skill just call up these establishments and hope that they speak some English or can you just show up and get a room? What was you approach?
    Your site has been very helpful,


  2. Small rural hotels will most likely not have a fluent English speaker answering the phone. I send a fax in English and Japanese (use Google Translator if necessary). Reply’s about 50% of the time.


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