Day 3: Antequera to Ronda

•April 25, 2016 • 2 Comments

67 miles & 6745 ft. The road leaving Antequera makes for some truly fantastic cycling, and lots of climbing. 


The morning started with some fog



And the drivers actually follow this law


In the complex, cramped hilltop villages, the GPS sometimes thinks these are rideable 


More great roads…

Touring Andalucia Day 1: Córdoba to Zuheros

•April 22, 2016 • Leave a Comment

58 miles, 4505′.    Most of the climbing was at the end. The final ¼ mile up to the village of Zuheros on the cobble road hit 17%.  A killer with a loaded touring bike!


In the courtyard of the apartment we rented

This stage is mostly riding through farmland. A typical farmhouse in the back. 

Zuheros…the quintessential white village. 

Zuheros could NOT be any more picture perfect. 

Flamenco in Córdoba

•April 19, 2016 • 1 Comment

Probably the best Flamenco show we’ve ever seen.  

Cycling Andalusia and Sardinia

•April 6, 2016 • 1 Comment

I’m doing these two solo, self-supported loops: 7 days cycling in Andalusia and 8 days cycling in Sardinia. Total of 783 miles and just under 70,000′ of climbing.  Spring Training!

Sardinia Loop 2016


Spain Loop-2016

Platinum-Palladium Prints of Recent Travels: People in their Environment

•April 1, 2016 • Leave a Comment

GO TO: Platinum Palladium Prints

Washi Artisan

Washi Artisan

For some time now I’ve been working to improve my Platinum – Palladium printing techniques.  It’s been a long road…

Oaxaca – 2016

•February 13, 2016 • 4 Comments

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Kyoto…and then, Tokyo

•October 19, 2015 • 3 Comments

Shots from inside a small temple garden in Kyoto…

And the widest bed we’ve ever slept in…6″ wider than a US king, and 22″ wider than our queen.  An aircraft carrier.


 In Tokyo, seeing the unusual becomes the norm

The contrast of the park setting and the enormous buildings was quite something.

And another very public wedding

Alison giving a donation to a Zen Monk

The shot above was taken on the main Ginza shopping street.  There were thousands of people, but being Japan, amazingly quiet. Tokyo, a city 1.5 times the size of NYC with mostly hybrid cars humming about and shutting off at the red lights, zero beeping horns, no street music, no buskers… You would be hard pressed to realize you’re in a city with almost 14M people.  Almost silent.


Playing with small stone spinning “tops”

This woman really wanted to have her photo taken with Alison…

Me too…


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